Season of Creation: Baptized in Water

The Christian year has time to consider the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ. The Christian year includes much time to think about the Holy Spirit.

But in our time, climate change, pollution of rivers, seas, even the ocean, and the extinction of many, many species have taken their rightful places as the major challenges of our era.

In church, when do we talk about this? When do we think and pray and deliberate on God the Creator, who loves, conceives and sustains the whole earth, and calls us Creatures?

This year, 2014, following the lead of many theologians, pastors and churches, around the world, we here at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church will observe a Season of Creation in our worship and our study, and if you like, in your personal devotions and spiritual practices.

For us, this Season of Creation will be observed from the first of October, through the first Sunday of November.

Our worship for these 5 Sundays will focus on Bible readings that speak of God’s creative work and of God’s love for the whole of creation --humans and all creatures and the sky, the seas, the forests, the deserts, even the earth’s waste places.

God created, and continues to create, renews and heals the whole earth. How? Where does the church fit in to God’s sustaining love? What is our role as Creatures, In mending, and healing the creation? How do we learn to love the creation, as God so loves the whole world?

Come and join your sisters and brothers in Christ, in searching for answers.

    - Pam

September 28, 2014

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